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What is it? Everyone knows how much it costs to raise a baby and that baby formula can be very expensive.  Baby samples are some of the hottest on the Web right now and we are happy to bring you this one from Simply Right. Sign up today and receive a free sample of Simply […]

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Have you seen the commercial for  If not, I have posted it here for your enjoyment! You can clearly see the web address at the bottom of the screen, so the rest is up to you. All that you have to do is head over to and sign up for a FREE box […]

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at 21:16 | 6 comments
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Parent’s Choice Premium Instant Formula contain all the nutrients required for your baby to be healthy throughout the first year.  These high quality formulas meet all the US FDA’s strictest regulations and nutritional levels recommended by the American Academy of Pedatrics. Parent’s Choice formula’s contain the following: DHA and ARA which may support brain and eye developement […]

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You are having a baby!  Now you can sign up for free samples for your baby.  Samples that can get you started in your journey as a new parent.  All that you have to do is sign up as the Mother or Father to be, add your address information and that’s it! You can also […]

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