About BFWD

Update: December 13th, 2008

BestFreeWebDeals.com is a place where you can get the deals that you won’t find any place else.  Most “deal” websites are for merchants that are well-known, or for websites that “everyone” goes to.  If you want to see deals and offers from places on the web you never thought of looking, just stick around here.

Posts will be updated weekly, at least, and sometimes daily, to get you the hottest deals or specials for online AND offline merchants.  Some of the posts will include:

  • Free shipping at a website or store
  • % discount on your order
  • Free eBooks & guides
  • Other website promos

Some of the offers/products will be FREE (might pay shipping) and some of them may require a small purchase, but nonetheless, all the information will be valuable.  If you want to get offers as they are posted, you can subscribe via email and get all updates right in your inbox!

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