Win a BRAND NEW Stand Up Paddle Board – #Giveaway

March 11th, 2017 | 1,019 views | Tags: , ,

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Did you ever want to try a stand up paddle board, or SUP?  In order to get out on the lake and really enjoy a relaxing time in the sun, stand up paddle boards have become the go to piece of equipment for that.  Watch the videos on YouTube and get used to wanting one.  Then simply head over to the link below and enter the #giveaway for one from

Go to to enter for your chance to win your very own Stand Up Paddle Board!

This is a very easy entry and it is also FREE.  That is the best part.  The other part is the fact that it is ongoing and you can enter as much as you’d like as long as it is just one time per month.  Visit the site for more information regarding the #giveaway and get in line for your very first paddle board!

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