– Instant Win Sweepstakes ends 4/1/2017

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Reeses wants to make you a winner and is giving away more than 5,000 prizes in the Reeses Shoot For 2 instant win sweepstakes!  4,500 first prize winners will get a $10 Fanatics gift code and 600 second prize winners will get a $50 Fanatics gift code.  There is a limit of 1 First and Second prize for each person that enters.  This is a daily entry sweepstakes so if you do not win, make sure to come back and try again another day!

Even if you do not WIN, they are still going to give you something.  The first time I entered I was given a 20% off discount code for  That is still a pretty sweet deal.  ALSO, the bonus entries come after you share a link to the sweepstakes on Twitter.  Any friend that clicks it and signs up to play gives you a chance at the bonus!  Good luck, now check out the link below for more information. sweepstakes

Go to and click the POWER button to get your prizes!

There is always some sort of instant win game that companies like this are offering customers.  Make sure to come back for more as they are added all the time.  Reeses is just the beginning.  If you win something, go to our Facebook page and let others now!

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