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Canada Dry is giving away 250 $100 Reward Codes, 2,500 $20 Reward Codes and 7,000 $10 Reward Codes between now and May 10th of this year! Do you typically enter the instant win sweepstakes that you find online? Yeah, me too. They are easy to enter and sometimes you can get some real cool products or even cold hard cash! Get yourself over to the link below and enter to win 1 of 9,750 prizes!

Entries are free, of course, but you can only have one per email address and there is only one Instant Win prize per person per household. According to what I am reading online, there are many winners and even the $10 reward code can be used to by a $10 Amazon Gift Card! That is a decent prize if you ask me. Not too much jumping through hoops and a real reward at the end.

Go to to get your free entry into this sweepstakes before 5/10/2017.

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