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better coffee co sample

What would your morning be like if you did not have coffee?  I know that mine would be a terrible mess.  Even if I have to scrape the bottom of the coffee can to get a small cup brewing before work, that is what I will do.  The best part about freebies on the internet is that just about every company offers them.  It’s a really great way to try out new products and to see if you like them.  This applies to free coffee or any other deal that you might see!  Today, we have a free sample of coffee from the Better Coffee Co.  Just fill out the form at the link shown below and make sure to confirm your address is right so you are sure to get the sample!

You can get access to this freebie/deal or coupon right here:

Coffee is a great way to get a jump start in the morning, or even after your lunch to keep you going the rest of the day.  Drinking it is much healthier than soda and really does not have that many calories.  All of the bad stuff that goes into your coffee to make it taste good and look creamy is where the calories come into play.  Either way, enjoy a cup or two and sign up for your free sample today.


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quaker oats kit

Quaker Oats is a great way to get your body going in the morning hours.  They also make a great, warm snack that you can have in the middle of a cold, winter Sunday.  Quaker is giving away a little kit to a few lucky folks that sign up.  Because the company has decided that it would rather select the winners, rather than give everyone a kit, you have to sign up at the website below and sit around to see what happens.  Personally, what I would do is sign up and then check your email address.  If there is an email asking you to confirm your address, click that bad boy and get on the list!

You can get access to this freebie/deal or coupon right here:

The kit that you are signing up for includes: 18 oz. Canister of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Wooden Spoon, Recipes, Coupons, and a Magnet.  That is a pretty good deal.  The only thing is the community you are joining is geared towards those that are 50+ years old, so keep that in mind!

Quaker Oats are very healthy for your body and the fact that you can really customize what you put into the oats makes every morning something new to enjoy!  A cup of oats, some milk, maybe a sugar cube, cinnamon and some berries sounds so good right now!  Put that in the microwave for a minute or two and you are going to be happy the rest of the day 🙂




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When it comes to a roll of toilet paper, there are very few options that make buying it a hard decision.  Do you want it to be soft, or do you want to make sure it will not rip in your hand while you are using it?  Those two questions have been the main factor in deciding which toilet paper you buy.  Sometimes, you have to compare deals to see if buying the larger rolls can actually save you money in the long run.  Even though we are not going to be doing any math here for you, we do know that buying larger toilet paper rolls does pose another issue.  Is the roll going to fit into your standard toilet paper holder?

You can get access to this freebie/deal or coupon right here:

The system is pretty slick, if it has to be called a “system”.  I wasn’t sure how the thing would work, but once I saw the images, it just makes sense.  Now you can head over to AMAZON and buy your 48 double rolls of toilet paper and not have to worry about a thing 🙂  Companies are trying so hard to get you to buy their products that they are willing to give you something required to use it for FREE.  Take full advantage and if you have one of these, feel free to let us know on our FACEBOOK page!



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We love to find free stuff on the internet.  Sometimes you have to sign up for a newsletter (like ours) or give a little bit more information than your email address just to get the free stuff, but it is usually worth it in the end, right?  Finding free things on the internet can be a little challenging, but websites (like ours) have made it a little easier to deal with.  One of the most popular websites for finding free stuff is  If you have not heard of this website, you need to find your way out from under that rock you have been hiding under for so long 🙂  Just kidding, we are not trying to be funny with you, it’s just that the site has been around a long time and you can really find some gems if you look hard enough.

Finding Free Stuff on Craigslist is Easy, Start by Clicking HERE:

You are not going to have to pay for ANY of the free stuff on Craigslist.  However, the gasoline that you put into your car or truck so you can drive to pick it up might cost you some money.  In reality, a little bit of your time and energy, plus gas for the travel is well worth it if you can come home with a brand new kitchen table or even a television set for the basement so your kids can play games all hours of the day.



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Would you take a look at that! It is just barely NOVEMBER and Amazon has decided it was not going to be left behind in the “amazing deals” game. Retailers and online stores are scrambling to make sure they have the best deals for consumers leading up to BLACK FRIDAY. Of course, many of the deals are well worth your time to check out, but not all are worth taking advantage of on the very first day that you see them. Sometimes, patience is going to be your friend and as Black Friday gets closer, waiting just one more day for that brand new TV or the latest wireless headphone deal can be the icing on your 2017 shopping cake.

Because we love to gather up some of the best deals that you are going to find on the internet, we decided it would be nice to start a BLACK FRIDAY series of posts and every couple days just keep adding to the list. You are a consumer, seek the deals and you WILL find them! We are just here to make it a little easier for you. Take a look below for the first batch of deals that we gathered up.

Most Amazing Black Friday Deals of All-Time That You MUST Share With Friends ($25 or less)

These are just 2 of the most amazing BLACK FRIDAY like deals that we found on Amazon for today!  Stay tuned for more as the countdown continues for the craziest shopping day of the entire year!  Do not forget that Amazon is NOT the only website that is going to have these awesome deals.  Any company that sells products is going to be offering you a deal over the next 3-4 weeks, so if you keep your eye peeled, there is little chance you will miss them.  GOOD LUCK!


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