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Every once in a while you can go to your favorite convenience store and you will see soda bottles with different colored caps on them.  Of course, it will likely grab your attention and even if you are not a soda drinker, you are curious what that is all about.  This time around, it looks like Pepsi is having sweepstakes with the NFL.

The best part?  All you have to do is buy the specially marked products from your favorite store, check out the codes and enter them for a chance to win.  If you are not likely to buy any of the products listed below, I have found places online where you can get a code or two for free.  Those links are listed below.

How to Get a Code for

Obtain a Code: To obtain a Code, purchase any specially-marked Frito-Lay or Pepsi product. On specially-marked Frito-Lay products, look for the 9 to 11-digit code located below the “guaranteed fresh” statement on the front of the bag (“Code”). On Pepsi products, look for the 10-digit alphanumeric code under the cap of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar or Pepsi Wild Cherry 20 oz. bottles; or on the inside of the paperboard of Pepsi 15-packs or Diet Pepsi 15-packs (also, a “Code”). To receive a Code without making a purchase, call 1-866-712-2396 and follow the automated instructions. For each completed call, you will receive one (1) free Code during the call. Limit one (1) free Code per person/day.

Pretty simple if you ask me. There will be 8 grand prize drawings throughout the entire sweepstakes period. You have to hurry, however, the sweepstakes actually ends on the 7th of October.

Where to get free codes:

Where to find more information regarding the sweepstakes, including the grand prizes:

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Reeses wants to make you a winner and is giving away more than 5,000 prizes in the Reeses Shoot For 2 instant win sweepstakes!  4,500 first prize winners will get a $10 Fanatics gift code and 600 second prize winners will get a $50 Fanatics gift code.  There is a limit of 1 First and Second prize for each person that enters.  This is a daily entry sweepstakes so if you do not win, make sure to come back and try again another day!

Even if you do not WIN, they are still going to give you something.  The first time I entered I was given a 20% off discount code for  That is still a pretty sweet deal.  ALSO, the bonus entries come after you share a link to the sweepstakes on Twitter.  Any friend that clicks it and signs up to play gives you a chance at the bonus!  Good luck, now check out the link below for more information.


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Canada Dry is giving away 250 $100 Reward Codes, 2,500 $20 Reward Codes and 7,000 $10 Reward Codes between now and May 10th of this year! Do you typically enter the instant win sweepstakes that you find online? Yeah, me too. They are easy to enter and sometimes you can get some real cool products or even cold hard cash! Get yourself over to the link below and enter to win 1 of 9,750 prizes!

Entries are free, of course, but you can only have one per email address and there is only one Instant Win prize per person per household. According to what I am reading online, there are many winners and even the $10 reward code can be used to by a $10 Amazon Gift Card! That is a decent prize if you ask me. Not too much jumping through hoops and a real reward at the end.


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Did you ever want to try a stand up paddle board, or SUP?  In order to get out on the lake and really enjoy a relaxing time in the sun, stand up paddle boards have become the go to piece of equipment for that.  Watch the videos on YouTube and get used to wanting one.  Then simply head over to the link below and enter the #giveaway for one from

Go to to enter for your chance to win your very own Stand Up Paddle Board!

This is a very easy entry and it is also FREE.  That is the best part.  The other part is the fact that it is ongoing and you can enter as much as you’d like as long as it is just one time per month.  Visit the site for more information regarding the #giveaway and get in line for your very first paddle board!

Links of interest:

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We have all been all over the internet looking for great contests and sweepstakes to enter, right?  The internet is loaded with companies that are tripping over each other in order to get you something free as a way of promoting their brand.  By now, I am sure that you have heard of the M&M’s brand, right?  What?  You haven’t?  Let’s get familiar with them right away then.

Go to Nutty.Mars.Com and get yourself entered to win a 1 YEAR SUPPLY OF M&M’s BRAND CANDY! 

That is right!  You can get more than 200 bags of M&M’s brand candy if you win and the best part is that you are able to enter for FREE!  Get over there and try it out and the best part is that even if you do not win the FIRST PRIZE, the company is giving away 3,000 SECOND PRIZES!  That’s right, plenty of changes to win before the sweepstakes ends on the 31st of May.

Links of interest:


We are not associated with this offer/sweepstakes/giveaway.  We are just letting you know about it 🙂

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